I have been busy the last 12 hours or so making some exciting changes, unfortunately this will cause you to update your Google readers, blog rolls, etc.

I have been wanting to purchase my domain through wordpress and finally decided to take the plunge last night, only to discover that Jen’s Daily . com was already taken. After a lot of brainstorming last night and digging through Go Daddy .com as well as wordpress .com to find open domain names, I decided to combine things that I love…and Food, Family, Fitness was born.

The site has been purchased, but needs some tweaking! I invite you to join me as I move to my own site 🙂



On Like Donkey Kong

Remember how I said I wasn’t sure how I wanted this blog to go?

I didn’t want it to be solely based on weight loss; I wanted to focus on intuitive eating? It didn’t work. Apparently, eating your weight in pizza and ice cream will cause your button to pop off.

I have the opportunity to join a weight loss group that started last week and goes until the end of October; the grand prize is over $300 and mark my words:


I’m going to need some support with this one everyone!!!

Water Damage

What happens when you get nearly 6″ of rain in a matter of hours? You find out if your house leaks.

What happens when a leak has been going on for probably YEARS before you moved in?

You have way more damage than thought possible.

Thankfully after two straight days of work, this is all fixed and back to normal…but I was really worried!!!

About 3.2 minutes after this picture was taken, he took my shovel and tried to help me with the weeds and hit himself in the forehead resulting in a huge gash and 3 stitches.

What I’ve learned? Just because you have a thorough home inspection, doesn’t mean you won’t have problems come up because someone else didn’t know what they were doing before you moved in.

P.S. This happened two weeks ago, I just didn’t have a chance to post at the time, and saw these pictures on my memory card this morning 🙂

New Favorite Breakfast

This one could give my beloved eggs and toast a run for it’s money!!!

Raspberry Chobani

Chia seeds mixed in

Perfect granola on top. I bought this granola from Costco and tried it for the first time today. It was so good! Perfect amount of clusters and sweetness. I will for sure be buying more of this!!!

Can’t wait to try this with different flavors of yogurt!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I first tasted this dip at my friend’s house when I went there for a jewelry party and it’s what turned me on to my love of hot sauce.  I made this today for my cousin’s birthday party, and it’s been a staple of family gatherings recently. I thought of  Biz  when I was making it and her love of hot sauce!!  This dip is not healthy by any stretch of the imagination, but it is dang delicious.


1 can chicken

1 cup Ranch dressing

1/2 cup Buffalo Sauce or any type of hot sauce

1 container of cream cheese

Shredded Cheese

1. Drain and chop chicken

2. Add in cream cheese, ranch and hot sauce

3. Mix until well blended. Sometimes I’ll put this in the microwave for a minute and it makes it easier to blend.

4. Pour into a casserole dish

5. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes

6. Top with shredded cheese and bake for another 15 minutes until bubbly.

We served this with pita chips today, but it goes perfectly with just about anything…including celery!!

*sneaking back in*

Not even sure if I have any readers left…but I hope so!!! This summer has been so crazy with moving, vacations and having 3 very active kids at home all day. We had some issues with our house last week (a post for another day), my 3 old wound up with 3 stitches in his forehead on the same day…it’s been nuts.

We are getting close to starting school, and I think we’re all ready. Ready for the schedule, routine, and being with friends. We have a couple more trips to the sand dunes planned, a wedding and our 10 year anniversary coming up in the next few weeks to finish this summer off with a bang!


2 eggs over easy on toast

Herbal tea and a banana on it’s last leg


Salad Beast

Romaine lettuce base

Cucumbers, pickles, celery

Cheese and an olive oil vinaigrette

With a side of celery and an orange on the side

Getting ready to cuddle up with a book and then bed soon. Some days I wonder if I’m 30 or 90…

Mama Didn’t Raise a Quitter

I’m so glad I let myself sleep on the decision as to quit or keep going. I did a lot of thinking yesterday and what it boils down to is a few things:

1. I’ll probably never run races, marathons or be a full fledged vegetarian. I’m ok with that.

2. I don’t always make the best choices when going out to eat. I’m ok with that.

3. I don’t want to make this be a weight loss blog, but weight loss will be discussed.

So, I’m not quitting this blog. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort into it. It will probably never be a “huge” must read blog, but I like writing, cooking and taking photos of food 🙂



French Toast Tuesday

Embrace it. You won’t be sorry.

At least once a week we have breakfast for dinner, and lately it’s been french toast.

I have been dreaming up all of the different toppings I can have with these blank canvases and decided it needs it’s own segment on the blog…so French Toast Tuesday begins.

Today is Grilled Banana French Toast.

I have read others grilling bananas and topping oatmeal or other items, but I’ve never been brave enough. Until today. There is no going back.

Mmmm. Try it. Love it.

What is your favorite way to top french toast?

Cheesy Dilly Eggs

So now that we are almost totally settled in, it’s time I get back to regular blogging. I was trying to think of something new to do with eggs this morning and after going through my spices I came up with these delicious little beauties.

Cheesy Dilley Eggs

* 2 eggs

* Dill Weed

* Cheesoning

These tasted truly amazing! A little cheesy and a little dill pickley, but neither was over powering. Placed on top of toast, it was the perfect breakfast.

I’m off to tackle the bane of my existence; the play room and office. I’ve been putting this off for days.


2011 Family Vacation (Day 4)

The connection is soooo slow up here!!! I’ve been trying to upload some pictures today for over an hour and they just finished, so this will be short on words, but lots of pictures!! We spent the early afternoon at the beach today, then went on some go karts and bumper boats and then after dinner headed back out to the dunes.

It’s after midnight, and I’m exhausted…see ya tomorrow!!!!