On Like Donkey Kong

Remember how I said I wasn’t sure how I wanted this blog to go?

I didn’t want it to be solely based on weight loss; I wanted to focus on intuitive eating? It didn’t work. Apparently, eating your weight in pizza and ice cream will cause your button to pop off.

I have the opportunity to join a weight loss group that started last week and goes until the end of October; the grand prize is over $300 and mark my words:


I’m going to need some support with this one everyone!!!


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  1. You go girl! I will try to give you as much support as I can. I, too, am a pizza and ice cream addict. : ) And, cookies, and left over anything at all. Every Monday is a new start day for me. So, here’s hoping you rock the house and win the $300!

  2. Ooh! Can anyone join?

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck Jen! You can do it!

  4. Money is always a motivater for me, best of luck!

  5. Good luck Jen!

    I saw your comment on my blog just now and wasn’t sure if you were back to blogging. Now I see that you are! Yay! Glad you decided to keep up with it.

  6. Yes, intuitive eating for me is Dorito’s and M&M’s. I’ve lost 60 so far…only 20 left.

    You go girl!

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