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First 5K

First, I want to thank everyone for your support through the past week and year. I really feel like I’m going to be ok and I’m healing. I have re-focused and it feels so good to remember the good times and the good memories rather than focusing on what happened.

The campground where we spend most of the summer is hosting a Start of Summer 5K on June 11th. I don’t know what came over me, but I signed up! I’ve never ran or even walked a 5K before, so this will be interesting, but I’m pretty excited!!

Breakfast: Steel cut oats (chia seeds, cinnamon, coconut milk) with Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter on top.

With a grapefruit on the side and some hot herbal lemon tea because look what was going on outside. Thankfully, it was melted by the afternoon.

Lunch: Flat out pizza (marinara sauce, broccoli, cheese, tomato slices)

And kiwi. I love kiwi!

Dinner: Light & Fluffy Egg Noodles, Kielbasa (tossed together with italian dressing) and a pile of green beans.