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2011 Family Vacation (Day 3)

Today was a strange day! We woke up this morning and it was really cloudy and kind of raining, with a threat of severe thunderstorms for the afternoon and evening. We waited, and waited, and waited some more…but thankfully it never happened! We got a tiny bit of rain for about 1/2 hour in the late morning/early afternoon and that was it! Before dinner, we decided to take a chance and head to the pool, it was great! It wasn’t too hot or too cold and everyone got some energy out. The rest of the evening was gorgeous and the rest of our vacation has nothing but blue skies, sunshine and mid 70’s…hello beach!!! Our plan for the rest of our time here is to hang out in the mornings and maybe do a couple of day trips and then spend the afternoons at the beach and on the dunes. I’m excited!!! Here are some pictures from the pool this afternoon.

The last picture is the newest member of the family; my mom’s new puppy Murphy. Fun fact: He was born on my Dad’s birthday 🙂

See ya tomorrow!!!


2011 Family Vacation (Day 2)

No pictures today, it was another fun day at the beach and on the dunes. Apparently, our sunscreen expired, because the 5 of us are all burned to a crisp. I’m ready for an ice bath and bed 🙂 Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! If you get a chance, read the guest post I did on Back to her Roots; which is an awesome blog you should be reading!!

2011 Family Vacation (Day 1)

Well, we finally moved! I gave myself almost a week of sun up to sun down unpacking and organizing and then Friday morning we left for our annual family vacation to Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Today was our first full day and it was perfect! Not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, not too cold and we spent it hanging out at the beach. Nothing better!!!

All 3 little nuggets are passed out and snoring and as soon as I hit publish, I’ll be joining them. Tomorrow is dune day, we’ll be taking the Jeep out on the dunes, hanging out at another beach and I’ll be doing a little more reading on the sand 🙂

Home Sweet Home

I have been afraid to post this, but with a closing date set for this Friday, I’m pretty certain that after months of doing research, house drive by’s, looking at hundreds of houses and a house that passed the home inspection with flying colors…we are moving! We found this house after 2 days of driving by 28 houses and having appointments at 8 of them, this was the last stop. Everything has moved along quickly and if all continue to go well, we start the move this Saturday getting our things out of storage that have been in there for over 3 years (it’s going to be like Christmas getting all of it out!) and then our big move will be in a few weeks.

I didn’t take a ton of pictures, because after a  near 2 hour home inspection, the 3 year old was beyond patient and ready to leave, but I will take more this weekend.

View from front door.


View from kitchen

Hall to bathrooms and full bathroom

Main bathroom

1/2 bathroom (this is by the kitchen and laundry room, off the mud room)

family room that will be the play room and kids domain. We are going to have the majority of the toys in there, with a small TV and DVD player for them, this also has a sliding door to the backyard and then has a small door to get to the garage.

Counting down to moving day!!!


It has been such a long week; my brain hurts. We ended up walking away from the house I posted about the other day. It is possibly in need of a lot of repairs (big repairs like roof, septic, well and wiring) before we would even be able to move in and that’s just not something we wanted to do and still pay a lot of money for that house. I did love it, but it was the very first house I saw, so it’s ok. We’ll find THE house, and I’m hoping it’s today!! Now that I have a better idea of what we’re looking for and what to avoid, it will be easier… I hope.

So, yes, the hunt is on and in high gear because I don’t care if I physically live IN the house yet, I want it to be closed on and an address to give the new school by the first day in September.

Hi, remember me?

Man, it was a crazy 11 days with my sister and her daughter here. We had a lot of fun and I miss her already 😦 While she was here, we are also in the middle of house hunting. There is one that we put a bid on Sunday night and they countered…we countered back and will have a final answer this evening. I’m really trying hard not to get my hopes up, but dang it, I love this house!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Leo’s Coney Island

One of my favorite spots to go for breakfast is Leo’s Coney Island of White Lake.

They have everything from oatmeal to amazing omelettes with anything you can imagine stuffed inside! The service is fast and friendly, the prices are perfect, and the food is awesome! No matter what I get for breakfast, I’ve never left disappointed.

Saturday morning my sister, mom and our daughters went to Leo’s for breakfast.

I had one of the their breakfast specials, two eggs, sausage and wheat toast. So good!!

Foodbuzz Lunch

When I first started reading healthy living and food blogs I was so in awe of all of the featured publishers and all the goodies they all received from Foodbuzz. Now, that I’m a featured publisher and receive said goodies, it’s awesome!! I have been getting loads of freebies and coupons lately, but haven’t had a chance to try anything out yet. I was trying to figure out what to make for lunch today and saw the bag of Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Strips hanging out in the freezer so I decided to make something with them.

Lunch: Smart & Delicious Wrap, Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Strips, Black Beans and I mixed in some green salsa into the beans, topped with a little cheese and put under the broiler until everything was warm and melty.

I was a little worried about the chicken, but it was really good! It had an almost spicy taste to them, but the 3 year old had some and ate without complaint. I don’t know how often I’ll use these, but it’s great for a quick meal!

I also had a bowl of strawberries and blueberries on the side, I could have had this bowl x5, but I restrained myself!

The 3 year old is currently napping, the house is clean and I’m watching old episodes of One Tree Hill; see you for dinner tonight!

Friday Weigh In #1 (5.6.11)

Since I haven’t weighed myself in nearly 2 months, I have no idea what my last weight was so this is a jumping off point.

Weight: 208.8

I am so excited, my sister and her daughter are on their way here from California and will be here later this evening, I can’t wait!!! The last time she was here was for my Dad’s funeral, so it will be nice to have a happy visit this time 🙂 I will be taking her to all my favorite foodie places and hopefully the weather cooperates so we can take the kiddies to the park.

Breakfast: Hope you’re not sick of eggs, because I’m not! This morning was a simple egg sandwich and sliced strawberries.

It’s been a busy day so far getting everything cleaned up, laundry done, etc. so we can have fun tonight when they get here 🙂

Fun with Picnik

The husband has been trying to teach me how to use Adobe and even harder CS3…I’m a lost cause and can’t remember anything and almost kicked the desktop earlier because I was so freaking frustrated! Eventually, I will get the hang of it, but until that happens, I found a new website; Picnik. It’s free (but you can pay for premium options) and lets you edit photos, create collages and other fun goodies and it’s easy!! I didn’t really have anything exciting to talk about tonight, so I did some fun editing with dinner pictures 🙂

Dinner: Egg sandwiches with turkey bacon, broccoli and strawberries.

I have been doing more updates today with not as much info and it’s SO much easier than trying to cram an entire day in one post!!!

Here are the original pictures: