Happy Cinco de Mayo

Mexican food happens to be my very favorite type of food, any way I can get it, I’m a happy girl!! In honor of Cinco de Mayo I made a mexican pita pizza that was divine, but before we get to that; let’s deal with breakfast.

Breakfast: Some people have oatmeal for breakfast every day, I could have a variation of eggs and toast every day and be happy! Today was the same as yesterday, whole wheat english muffin and two eggs.

With a banana and Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger herbal tea.

Lunch: Mexican Pita Pizza. Pita bread, refried beans, black beans, mozz cheese and topped with sour cream and green salsa. So flipping good and filling!!! I also had orange slices on the side.


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  1. thesavvystudent

    I LOVE pita pizzas…I used to make them all the time and then for some reason I stopped. Your post reminded me just how wonderful they are – thanks!

  2. That pizza looks muy bueno! 🙂

    Saw your other post about Picnik. Isn’t it fun?

  3. I don’t know what I’m drooling over more–the breakfast or pizza. YUM!

  4. happy cinco de mayo!

  5. Mmm. The breakfast pizza looks yummy!

  6. Our food tastes are so similar. Mexican food is my fave as well, and if I ate breakfast at home I would probably have eggs every day too! I love eggs!

  7. I like eggs, but I definately get tired of them quickly. I did a no-carb thing for a week last month and I had to eggs for breakfast every day..I hated it!! I’ll stick to my oatmeal and cereal 🙂

    • When I did South Beach years ago, I could not handle eggs at all. I think it’s because I almost HAD to eat them. Now that I’m choosing to eat them, it’s much different 🙂

  8. Mexican food is my all time fave too! Love your pita pizza!

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