Fun with Picnik

The husband has been trying to teach me how to use Adobe and even harder CS3…I’m a lost cause and can’t remember anything and almost kicked the desktop earlier because I was so freaking frustrated! Eventually, I will get the hang of it, but until that happens, I found a new website; Picnik. It’s free (but you can pay for premium options) and lets you edit photos, create collages and other fun goodies and it’s easy!! I didn’t really have anything exciting to talk about tonight, so I did some fun editing with dinner pictures 🙂

Dinner: Egg sandwiches with turkey bacon, broccoli and strawberries.

I have been doing more updates today with not as much info and it’s SO much easier than trying to cram an entire day in one post!!!

Here are the original pictures:


Posted on May 5, 2011, in 2011, Food, Picnik. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. those photos are gorgeous I love food photography I want to get better @ it!

  2. love how they turned out! it’s fun to play around with pictures 😉

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